School/University Partnerships


We are proud of the partnerships we have established with local districts and specific schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Area. These partnerships consist of providing professional development on a variety of topics which are based on the needs of the school identified by the administrative team. Some of the professional development is conducted in large groups, while trainings are in small groups or one-on-one. Various special education and affiliated faculty members from TCU have collaborated with these partnerships and provide direct consultation or large group training when their expertise is warranted.

Read what our partners have to say about how this collaboration has impacted them:

 “The partnership with TCU, funded through the Morris Foundation, has allowed our large urban district to benefit from professional learning sessions provided by TCU researchers to district’s administrators and teachers. The on-site professional learning sessions have contributed to the implementation of a well-designed Response to Intervention (RtI) process at the elementary and middle school levels. TCU researchers are currently collaborating with the district’s leadership to improve the RtI process at the high school level also. Our district is very pleased to partner with TCU in this project”.
-Executive Director of Special Education, Fort Worth Independent School District

“The partnership with TCU through The Morris Foundation has positively impacted our RTI process.  Teachers are more knowledgeable and have a better understanding of what the different tiers mean and types of interventions to use for each tier.”
–Principal, Fort Worth Independent School District

“Our partnership with TCU on RtI has been truly beneficial and rewarding.  Their expertise and time commitment has helped our school better understand and utilize the RtI process.  They have provided our faculty with meaningful professional development that has helped improve student achievement and grow our teachers.  We feel lucky to have been selected to partner with them and hope our partnership continues throughout the years.” – Assistant Principal, Fort Worth Independent School District

“The Morris Foundation and TCU have played a huge part in enhancing the understanding of the RtI process at our campus. We are now unified and have a clear picture of what RtI is supposed to be and how it should work in the best interests of our students. We are truly a team with a singular purpose in a way that wasn’t possible before.” -Data Analyst, Fort Worth Independent School District