Current Projects

Technology, Effective Characteristics, and Mathematics in Elementary and Middle School Students

Objective Examine existing literature to explore effective characteristics and achievement when using technology in mathematics for elementary and middle school […]

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Defining Mathematical Reasoning

Objective To explore and operationally define types of mathematical reasoning present in elementary students. Project Description This project is to examine […]

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Project VISIBLE: Validating Implementation of Secondary Instructional Behaviors in Literacy and English

This observational research study of 6 high school teachers will systematically catalogue “typical practice” in ninth-grade English classes for the purpose of increasing knowledge in the field of adolescent literacy, identifying new avenues of intervention development, and supporting administrator walk-through and coaching tool development.

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Learning Mathematics Online

The ANSERS Institute is engaged in a five-year collaborative research project with the Center for Applied Technology in Education at the University of Oregon. We are currently in our final year of this project. Our research is focused on the teaching and learning of mathematics in technology-based environments.

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