Completed Projects

TPACK in Action: Pre-service Special Educators, Students, and Apps

The purpose of this project was to evaluate the decision-making processes of pre-service special education teachers as related to technology integration

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Teaching One to One Correspondence to Students with Down syndrome

The purpose of the project was to examine the effectiveness of the simultaneous prompting procedure (SP) when teaching students with Down syndrome ages 5 and 6 to count objects using accurate one-to one correspondence.

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Connecticut Post-School Outcomes Survey (2009-2013)

This research reflects the results of a large-scale census method survey conducted by the Principle Investigators under contract with the CTDOE to determine outcome data for all students with disabilities one-year after exiting the public school system.

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Math Learning Companion

The Math Learning Companion (MLC) is an online supplemental mathematics curriculum designed to increase the achievement of students with learning disabilities.

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Screening to Assign Accommodations Tool (SAAT) Project

The purpose of this project was to develop a measure which identifies students for whom construct irrelevant variance (CIV) might obscure measurement of their knowledge, skills, and abilities in mathematics.

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Providence Public Schools ELA Curriculum Development Partnership

In partnership with Providence Public School District staff and administration, project faculty worked to support efforts to design and build a K-12 English language arts curriculum that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and PARCC content frameworks.

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