Writing and Mathematical Reasoning

Project Description


To investigate the difference in mathematical reasoning around fraction comparisons when given access to a multi-modal writing environment versus traditional paper/pencil.

Project Description

During 2014-2015 (year 5), the TCU research team, in conjunction with MeTRC research team at the University of Oregon, is conducting a joint intervention to study the use of technology in enhancing students’ writing in mathematics. Our teams proposed to implement a series of intervention studies using a set of iPads and an iPad application designed to assist students with disabilities as they communicate with others via technology. Both research teams worked in collaboration to develop an instructional protocol that provides scaffolded models of mathematical reasoning related to fraction comparisons and equivalence. This includes prompting students to work through their reasoning using a multi-model learning environment and demonstrating their understanding in various formats. The first study will be field-testing the intervention and technology. After field-testing is complete, each site will conduct a quasi-experimental study consisting of a technology group and a paper/pencil group. Researchers will collect pre-intervention data, train students on technology, engage in a five-week intervention study, and collect post-intervention data. Measures will capture students’ quality of mathematical reasoning, accuracy of responses, and extent of technology use (i.e., multimodal writing environment on the iPad). The study will consist of approximately 40 fifth and sixth grade students who are performing at or below the 35th percentile on normative measures of mathematical achievement. The intervention will be implemented in a minimum of three schools in the Fort Worth area.

Research Team

  • Dr. Lindy Crawford (principal investigator)
  • Dr. Jacqueline D’Angelo (interventionist)
  • Dr. Kristina Higgins (interventionist/lead statistician)
  • Dr. Sarah Quebec-Fuentes (content expert)

Graduate Student Researchers

  • Shayla Sigler
  • Pei Pei Gong
  • Hannah Alvis


Mathematics E-Text Research Center

The Mathematics eText Research Center (MeTRC) is located at the University of Oregon. Currently, under the leadership of Dr. Mark Horney and Dr. Lynne Anderson-Inman of the University of Oregon's Center for Advanced Technology in Education (CATE), the center is in the process of conducting a systematic program of research that has spanned over five years in collaboration with five teams across the country, each focusing on a specific student population, curriculum, or technology.