Project VISIBLE: Validating Implementation of Secondary Instructional Behaviors in Literacy and English

Project Description


This observational research study of 6 high school teachers will systematically catalogue “typical practice” in ninth-grade English classes for the purpose of increasing knowledge in the field of adolescent literacy, identifying new avenues of intervention development, and supporting administrator walk-through and coaching tool development. The study uses momentary time sampling (MTS) to observe teachers of Basic and Honors English classes across three different high schools representing Connecticut’s diverse socioeconomics.

Funded Research

University of Connecticut

Research Team

  • Michael Faggella-Luby,Ph.D.

Graduate Student Researchers

  • Yan Wei
  • Keith McLaren


Wei, Y. , Lombardi, A., & Faggella-Luby, M. (2015, February). Investigation of an embedded planning tool for tier-three literacy planning and instruction. Poster presented at The Pacific Coast Research Conference, San Diego, CA.

Faggella-Luby, M., Wei, Y., & McLaren, K. (2013, October). Project VISIBLE: Validating implementation of secondary instructional behaviors in literacy and English. Poster presented at the Council for Learning Disabilities 35th International Conference, Austin, TX.