Math Learning Companion

Project Description


The Math Learning Companion (MLC) is an online supplemental mathematics curriculum designed to increase the achievement of students with learning disabilities.

Project Description

The ANSERS Institute was awarded a Goal 2 Development grant from the Institute of Education Sciences to develop and validate the Math Learning Companion. The ANSERS Institute hired Digital Directions International to lead the development activities, and conducted ongoing research on the functionality and feasibility of the program. The research study was iterative, with an emphasis on the development and use of the intervention. After all the MLC components were developed, field-tested, and revised, the effects of the entire curriculum were evaluated via a single group, pre-post study. Results are being synthesized for publication.

Funded Research

Institute of Education Sciences ($1.5 million)

Research Team

  • Dr. Lindy Crawford (principal investigator)
  • Dr. Jacqueline D’Angelo (project manager)
  • Dr. Kristina Higgins (lead statistician)
  • Ms. Lindsay Hall (field-researcher)


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Research Team


Digital Directions International (DDI)
DDI is an educational technology pioneer and publisher of K-12 digital instructional content, curriculum, and assessments in mathematics and other subjects. All DDI products are research-based, use new technologies, and are designed intentionally and specifically to raise academic achievement and make learning engaging for underserved and at-risk student populations, including English language learners (ELL, ESL), students with learning disabilities (special education, learning disabilities), and students struggling to learn math.