TCU’s College of Education is leading the way to prepare exemplary leaders for diverse educational settings. With two nationally recognized laboratory schools for children with special needs, an internationally recognized early childhood teacher education program, and a nationally recognized middle/secondary award-winning program—we are leaders in and out of the classroom.  The TCU College of Education offers a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in Special Education. For information on Admission applications, Financial Assistance, and other important information, please visit the TCU College of Education Undergraduate Studies website.

Bachelor of Science in Education- Early Childhood Education (EC–6)
The Early Childhood Education (EC–6th grade) major at TCU will prepare you to work in preschool and early elementary settings. Majoring in Early Childhood Education at TCU means that you will closely work with faculty who are committed to improving teaching and learning for all students. You will participate in integrated coursework blocks and field-based instructional applications in both public and private schools. All students learn to teach in diverse early childhood settings, which include students with special needs and second language learners.

  • Generalist EC-6 with Special Education option
    Do you believe that all children can be engaged and excited about learning–even children with special needs? Special Education is just that, special. Watching a child with disabilities achieve an important goal or perform a task that seemed impossible makes this teaching career especially rewarding. You will make a real difference in the lives of your students, and you will find that your students leave a lasting effect on your life as well.